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What’s on our mind? And, more importantly, what’s on your mind?

We have three different blogs here at EatByDate:

Our “Blog” is the place to find things that we find interesting and feel are worth writing about or at least worth mentioning. Included are some easy recipes that aren’t too much trouble to make, some perhaps unique ways to use kitchen products, recommended ways to store items for extended shelf life that go into more depth than our regular pages and various other things we feel might be of interest.

Our “FAQ” is frequently asked questions. This is where we try to answer questions from emails that we’ve received from other EatByDate readers. Included in this section are a lot of “how to” type posts.

Our “Product Reviews“, which also falls under the Blog menu option, is where you’ll find a few products that we checked out and felt were trustworthy and special in some way, thus worthy of an EatByDate stamp of approval and recommendation. Occasionally included here are giveaways of products that we write about.

So, see and scroll through everything from all three blogs by using the top menu button “Blogs” or use one of the three drop down menu items to just see the category for which you’re interested.

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