Kitchen Conversion Chart

We’ve had some requests to convert our recipes from Farenheit to Celcius. A valid request, so we were going to go back into our recipes… but then we came across this easy chart that was just too cute to resist! This infographic also provides measurement conversions, making it easy to adapt any recipe. Use it for converting temperatures when turning on the oven or when measuring ingredients in a recipe. Convert fluids and/or solids with ease.

So, here are most of the conversions you need in the kitchen, beautifully presented in one handy chart.

This chart was created by the glitterandbow website and can easily be printed from there. Go there and print a copy and then tape it to the inside of your baking supply cupboard door and/or where you keep recipes. That’ll make it even easier to convert any recipe!

Kitchen Conversion Chart

conversion chart

Another Conversion Helper

You might like this measuring cup if you work with all different kinds of measurements in your recipes. This one provides many different types of measurements all on the same cup, so you can use recipes from different countries without needing to look at the conversion chart for each step of the recipe. The added advantage of this cup, and why we like it, is that you don’t have to bend over backwards to read the measurement – it’s also printed angular on the inside of the cup so that you can read it from above while standing!

Put these conversions to use by whipping up some muffins with our popular post on muffin pan recipes.

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