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We saw a sign at Costco that said “buy one get one free”… An attention grabber for sure, especially at Costco. It was for a bag of fish burgers. This deal means that 24 fish burgers only cost $10.99… that’s about one single burger at a restaurant! So, we picked up some of these Trident Pollock Burgers.

Pollock is the fish that they use to make the fake crab sticks that you see in the refrigerator section at the store, so we figured that these fish burgers couldn’t be all bad. Turns out, they’re actually pretty good. See if you like what we did with them.

pollock burgers

Deal of the Week

These pollock burgers are real pieces of fish with only a few spices added. If you cut each burger in half, it fits perfectly into a small taco shell. So, we made fish tacos. That made the main ingredient in these tacos cost only about .23 cents! Since tortillas, cabbage and sauce are also quite reasonable to purchase these fish burgers can make a bunch of inexpensive meals.

This sale only runs until July 3rd, so hurry in if you’re a member of Costco or have a friend buy some for you if you’re not. They come frozen and can remain in your freezer for up to a year.

fish tacos

Fish tacos are so easy to put together with these “burgers”. Simply cook the burgers in the oven (or a pan) while you heat up some taco shells. Cut the fish patty in half, put the fish in the shell and then add some shredded cabbage and chipotle mayo sauce. An easy way to make a simple healthy meal.

Deal of the Week

Additional Information

This chipotle mayo really enhances the flavor of a fish taco. Be sure to squeeze some on when assembling your tacos.

fish tacos

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