How long do Gingerbread Houses Last?

How long do Gingerbread Houses Last? It’s almost Christmas and if you’ve got your shopping done then it might be time to start cooking. Think about foods that have a long shelf life so that you can make them before the last minute rush. Most Christmas cookies freeze well, so you can make, bake and freeze them to be served whenever guests arrive. Generally speaking, the crisper the cookie, the longer the shelf life.

Good choices of cookies to make early are biscotti, shortbread and gingerbread men. Making them special for Christmas and adding your own touches make them special for the season. Try adding pistachios and dried cranberries to your almond biscotti. Dip your shortbread in red and green chocolates. Make a gingerbread house for hours of decorating fun and then weeks of munching.

How long do Gingerbread Houses Last?


Gingerbread houses are best if eaten in 7-10 days.

This recipe provides a great homestead. If you’re not up for making your own gingerbread, you can use graham crackers for the base or buy a complete house kit available at places like Target or Williams-Sonoma. These houses can be displayed for years, if stored properly, but if you choose to eat them you will want to do so by this New Years.

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