How to Avoid Dangerous Mold

Many of the EatByDate food pages mention mold in the “how to tell if your food has gone bad” sections. While some pages will say to toss the entire package, other pages say you can just cut out the mold (along with the area directly around it). You may wonder why this advice varies from food to food or you may wonder about foods other than the ones on which we’ve mentioned mold.

Well, we found an informative video that might help to explain the logic behind the decision of when to cut and when to toss in dealing with mold.

Hint: Toss this orange!

How to Avoid Dangerous Mold

Mold grows when there is moisture and bacteria present, so even though you might think that your food is safely contained in your refrigerator you may be quite surprised what you might find lurking within. Take a minute to watch this informative video so that next time you find something in your fridge that looks like it might be blue cheese (but you know you didn’t buy blue cheese) you’ll know better what to do.

Additional Information

You always want to be on the lookout for mold (mould) in any food, but it does have it’s favorite places to take up residence. Some common places that you might see mold in your kitchen is on cheeses and breads. Be sure to also check our individual pages for information on other specific foods.

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