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What is Ultra-Filtered Milk?

What is ultra-filtered milk?
What is ultra-pasteurized milk?
Do ultra-filtered milk and ultra-pasteurized milk have longer shelf lives than regular milk?

We will explain how ultra-filtered milk and ultra-pasteurized milks are made and describe what makes each of them both unique and similar. As far as the questions “does ultra-filtered milk have a […]

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Valentines 2019

Happy Valentines Day! (almost)

Just couldn’t let the day pass without showing a few uses for the heart shaped cookie cutter. Although it’s made for cookies, this application is considered a little healthier for the actual heart.

Don’t just think desserts when thinking of Valentines Day treats. Also […]

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How to Dispose of Medication

No longer used and expired medications are a problem to keep around as they can be dangerous if they happen into the wrong hands, yet they can also become a problem if not disposed of properly. Therefore, the U.S. government has created a National Drug Take-back day that occurs twice a year […]

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Most Patriotic Red, White & Blue Sangria Recipe You Will Ever Find

Some of you may remember the old punch bowls filled with a couple jugs of cheap read wine and then filled with orange slices… fast forward to 2015 where things are clean, clear and crisp. White Sangria is more refreshing for the summer months and provides an easy backdrop for letting you show […]

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Confusing Cooking Terms Exposed

There are so many different ways to cook – you know you’ve got the choice of stove, oven, grill or microwave to cook but your recipe may mention some other cooking methods or cooking terms in its instructions that you may be unfamiliar with and would like some clarification.

We found the following […]

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Never Mistake Cuts of Beef Again

Need help understanding cuts of beef?
Can’t figure out which cuts are best for grilling and which ones are best for stew?
Ever stand in the grocery and look at all the different names on the fresh beef packages?
Or worse, buy and prepare fresh beef and then not be able to chew […]

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Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

We’ve assembled three hearty dishes using some typical fall harvest items that are simple to prepare and then leave home and forget about. Hamilton Beach allowed us to give away one of these fine slow cookers (Dan C was the winner of this #EBDgiveaway), so read our review of the Hamilton Beach […]

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Do Freezer Bags Alter Shelf Life?


If I put my chicken in freezer bags, does that change the best-by date? Do freezer bags alter shelf life? Is it better to use freezer bags or leave meats in store wrapping? How to use freezer bags?


Freezer bags, if used properly as detailed below, can stretch the frozen […]

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Uses For Cornstarch

Cornstarch is the go to product for thickening sauces and gravies, but otherwise it tends to just sit on the shelf (good thing it has a long shelf life). Have you ever wondered what else you can do with this fine white powder?

Following are some other ways that cornstarch, sometimes called cornflour, […]

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Wild vs Farmed Salmon

The wild vs farmed salmon issue is important for a few reasons outlined below.

If purchasing the entire fish, there are subtle differences that the experts can spot. No pun intended… but farmed salmon have large black spots on their gill covers while wild salmon do not.

To differentiate between farmed vs wild salmon […]

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