51 Uses for Parchment Paper

Parchment paper – some people swear by this stuff and find it an indispensable kitchen tool while others have never tried the stuff. Regardless, there are so many uses for parchment paper that I’m guessing most people would have a hard time coming up with even half of them that are listed in the following article.

What makes for so many different uses for parchment paper is its inherent non-stick surface which keeps sticky oozings from sticking, thus keeping pans clean and making clean-up an absolute breeze. The flexibility of parchment paper also helps makes it special by allowing it to fold, bend and crinkle into almost any shape you’d like it to be. Check out all the different uses for parchment paper included in this article and then try some of them out in your kitchen.

uses for parchment paper

51 Uses for Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper Uses

We were going to write a post on uses for parchment paper, but then we saw this article on King Arthur’s Flour (www.kingarthurflour.com) that answered the question so beautifully and thoughtfully that it just didn’t make sense to make our own.

Here’s a sample of just a few of the many uses of parchment paper, courtesy of King Arthur. Just click on “50 USES” below to be taken to pictures that will instruct and inspire.

uses for parchment paper
uses for parchment paper
uses for parchment paper


We just need to add a 51st use for parchment paper to this list. It seems that the one use missing in the above article is the actual reason why we purchased our first roll of parchment paper… We love to make fresh fish and vegetable packets wrapped in parchment paper. A fish wrapped and then cooked in parchment paper can be served and then uncovered by your guests. The contents will remain warm while everyone is being seated and allow guests the pleasure of opening their dinner as if it were a present. The red and green veggies used with this fish are sure to add to a festive dinner party served in December. These packets are easy to assemble, easy to serve as brilliant self-contained individual dinner packages and so easy to clean-up afterwards.

uses for parchment paper

The above photo is by John Autry and the recipe for this fish parchment package is located on www.myrecipes.com.

Additional Info

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One more handy kitchen box is baking soda. It has uses beyond the kitchen too, as you’ll find in our uses for baking soda chart.

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