What Is Half and Half?

Do you ever wonder what is half and half? That’s all it’s called, whether you see it in a container in Starbucks or in the dairy case at your local grocery store. Not too much of a description, right!

Half and Half is actually just what it says (that is if you fill in the words of what ingredients are actually in the container) – half Milk and half Cream! The fat content, which is really what defines any cream product, is between 10-12%. Whole milk has about 3.5% butterfat while light cream has between 16-29% butterfat.

So, when combined together in equal portions you get a smooth cream than when added to coffee gives you a richer, creamier cup than if you just added milk.

What Is Half and Half?

Half & Half

Calorie Count of Half and Half

One ounce of half and half has about 40 calories.

That’s about the serving size most often used, since it is most commonly used in a cup of coffee.

Uses for Half and Half

Since half and half ranks low on the butterfat content scale, it is not often used in cooking or a likely ingredient for culinary purposes. Not too many recipes call for it because it really doesn’t perform well in cooking or baking, but it does make for a smooth cup of coffee.

*So beware – half and half will not hold a peak if whipped and it will not thicken your sauces if added to them. Yet some baked goods, for instance quiche, will call for half and half.

To make half and half at home you can blend 1 part whole milk with 1 part light cream or check our substitution table for more ways to substitute for half and half.

Additional Information

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