Halloween Punch Recipes - 12 Recipes to Spook & Tickle

A hefty batch of witches brew is often the perfect centerpiece at any Halloween party. A good Halloween punch starts with a spooky exterior, but should also provide a tasty thirst quenching treat. Here are several recipes that provide a little trick and a lot of treat.

A cheap plastic cauldron can be purchased at most Halloween stores, drug stores or Walmart. This addition makes a great dry ice holder for whatever flavor of Halloween punch you choose. Dry ice produces the smoke around your punch bowl, but there are specific dos and don’ts when using dry ice. If this is your first time or not, you should check out this ‎quick video in order that you safely handle your dry ice. For lots of other facts on dry ice, including how long it lasts, see our dry ice page.

Black Punch

Halloween Punch Recipes

1) Red Eyeball Halloween Punch:

Eyeball Punch

This realistic looking eyeball is actually completely edible, although I doubt if anyone would want to do that. Here are the instructions to build one in your kitchen. When complete, place the eyeball into any red punch. You can use equal parts cranberry juice cocktail and ginger ale for a simple red punch.

2) Black Halloween Punch:

Black Punch

This one is definitely for kids, unless you still crave the taste of Koolaid. Plus, the black color is not exactly appetizing! Here’s the recipe.

3) Glowing Hand Punch:

Glowing Hand Punch

This recipe exists on a chemistry site, but you don’t need a chemistry degree to create this eerie effect at home.

4) Bloody Hand Punch:

Bloody Hand Punch

This recipe is a slight variation of the one above, but you don’t need a black light to get a similar effect. The punch also looks like blood with clots (ok, use your imagination).

5) Orange Punch:

Orange Punch

This is a sweet punch that could also be set into a bowl of smoking dry ice to have more effect.

Halloween Punch Recipes

6) Candy Corn Punch:

Candy Corn Punch

This one is a beautiful presentation in a glass pitcher, but not as impressive in a punch bowl. Here’s the recipe.

7) Swamp Punch:

Swamp Punch

This swamp punch recipe is spiked for adults only.

This bowl within a bowl idea as shown is a good idea to prevent from accidentally swallowing any dangerous dry ice. If you decide to use a pumpkin as your outer bowl, it’s recommended to do the same thing and place a liner bowl inside the pumpkin before filling with punch.

8) Apricot Iced Tea:

Tea Punch

The recipe for this apricot iced tea calls for apricots, but it is just as delicious made with mangos or peaches.

It’s a non-alcoholic punch, but since it’s an adult taste already it can be spiked with a little vodka.

It looks great in individual glasses, but also presents well in a punch bowl.

9) Volcano Punch:

This is a champagne based punch, therefore for adults only. The only picture provided on this one is a rather winded video which you can click when you view the recipe, if desired. It’s a pretty tasty punch, but we do not recommend placing the dry ice directly into the punch as the volcano punch recipe indicates. Maybe the adults will be careful to avoid any dry ice pieces on the first glass, but we’re not so sure about the last!

10) Bloddy Martinis:

Bloody Martini

These cocktails are unusual marinis indeed. This drink recipe is also for adults of legal drinking age only. Although, the decorative “blood” could be added to glasses for any type of drink. The dripping blood is compliments of a tube of red cake decorating gel, perhaps leftover from Valentine’s Day?

11) Halloween Slushies:

Halloween Slushy

Kids will love cooling off and getting some giggles with these cooling slushies.

12) Pumpkin Milkshakes:

Pumpkin Punch

And if you just want a festive drink for a few people, and not a full blown Halloween punch, try serving these pumpkin milkshakes. Who can resist a milkshake? I’ve included this picture with the other Halloween punch recipes because of it’s decorative serving style. Those pumpkin Halloween candies are so cute, but kinda sweet to just sit and eat.

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