How Long Do Eggs Last?

How long do eggs last? If you're one of those people who throw out raw eggs as soon as the date on the carton corresponds to the calendar date, you're throwing out perfectly good eggs and perfectly good money! Eggs usually have a "sell by" date and not a "use by" date. And, they're quite tasty and safe to use for a few weeks after their "sell by" date has passed. But... there are some health risks associated with raw eggs, especially when they're uncooked or undercooked.

Please click the appropriate picture for fresh eggs (raw eggs) or hard boiled eggs (cooked eggs) to get more details on the shelf life and proper storage for eggs.

Although eggs are a protein, we have listed them here under dairy simply for convenience since they are always found in your grocers dairy case and thus forever linked to dairy in most minds (unless you're lucky enough to get them fresh).

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