Need a Quick Substitute?

Making dinner and you've run out of an ingredient in your recipe? Did you open the sour cream to find new colors on top or start pouring the milk and find big chunks landing in your cup? Has the "eat by date" truly passed and you need a quick recipe substitute? Does your recipe call for something you never buy or costs more than you are willing to spend? Have no time or energy to run back to the store?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then you are on the right menu. Answers to these dilemmas can be found within our handy charts. Save yourself a trip to the store and try one of these suggested recipe ingredient equivalents. We listed many different product substitutes and hope you find one that will work for your recipe.

Many ingredient substitutions actually improve the recipe, if done correctly. Many substitutions save you money by not requiring an expensive purchase of something that you just need a little bit of and know the remainder will probably just go to waste. Save yourself the hassle by finding a suitable substitute for the ingredient you're missing in one of our many tables in this substitute section.

When reading our tables on the ingredient pages, you may see many different options for some ingredients.
Generally, the first one in each list is what we feel is the most desired substitute followed by anything else that we could think of that will achieve a similar result. If you have tried something else that worked in the past, we would love to hear.

No wine, no problem. No beer, big problem.
Has your baking powder gone bad? Find a substitute here.
Baking soda fail the freshness test? Subs found here.
No beef broth? See what you can use instead.
Out of bread crumbs? Find an alternate.
Used all your brown sugar? Find help.
Find something to use instead of butter in your recipe.
No Capers? Check our table to see what you can substitute.
Which cheese makes a nice substitute for the one you're missing.
No chicken broth? Get suggestions here.
Someone ate all the chocolate? Replace it in a hurry.
Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard - substitute for any missing condiment.
No cornstarch in the cupboard? Not to worry.
Out of corn syrup? Look here before running to the store.
No Cream? Find a proper replacement here.
Recipe almost complete and your egg drops on the floor...recover here.
Out of vanilla? No Almond extract? Look.
Be careful swapping this sauce...
Wrong type of flour? Learn when to worry and when to relax.
Cake without frosting? Improvise!
No Grenadine? Check our table to see what you can sub.
Honey is special - is there a substitute?
No marsala wine? Check here for a substitute.
Lactose intolerant? Pick from many options...
Can you make cookies without molasses?
Replace your oil with one of these choices.
No powdered sugar? No problem!
No red wine? Not a problem with this sub list!
If you're cutting carbs, you should check this table out.
No rice wine? Find many alternatives in our table.
If you're short on shortening you better check this table.
Out of anise, oregano, cumin, etc? Quick, use our substitute chart.
Find out other ways to sweeten your dish.
No vinegar? Find another acid so your recipe comes out right.
No white wine? Not a problem with this sub list!
Find a quick substitute to keep it creamy.