How Long Do Baking Products Last?

Baking Products are mainly used to create Baked Goods, but many are very versatile and can be used for all types of different functions. For instance, check out all the uses for baking soda that go beyond the kitchen. Baking products consist of leavening agents and thickening agents, among many other things including sweeteners, shortenings and flours. To create heavenly baked goods, you need to start with quality baking products.

Don't discount a baking product just because it has surpassed its "best-by" date. Find out how to tell for yourself if your baking product will still perform like new or if it is truly time to toss it out. Explore all the different baking products below to find their expiration dates and get plenty of other tips on each product.

So, how long do baking products last?
Let's find out...

Baking Powder. Find out how to store and use this fine powder.
Baking Soda is called for in most baked goods. Make sure yours is active!
Does Brown Sugar go bad? Keep it stored properly!
Cake Mix can last longer than you might think. Don't let it go bad!
Cocoa is potent. How should it be stored?
Cookie Dough must be refrigerated. Do you know its shelf life?
Your cornmeal may be past the best-by date ... has it gone bad?
Cornstarch is handy to have in the cupboard, but for how long?
Crisco can go bad. Learn more about shortening here.
Flour can be used in so many ways. Do you know how to store it?
Frosting is a flavorful addition... unless it's gone bad!
Want to know if molasses has gone bad? It can be tough! Find out more.
Sprinkles look like they can last forever. Do they?
Sugar can should be stored properly. Find out how!
Syrup is a favorite in our house. Click here to find out how long it lasts!
Vanilla comes in different forms. Are you storing it properly?
Yeast must be active to be effective. Find out how to tell.

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