Can You Eat Green Potatoes?

Can You Eat Green Potatoes?

QUESTION: Can you eat green potatoes?
Are green potatoes safe to eat?

ANSWER: You do NOT want to eat a green potato, they are toxic and can be harmful to the human digestive system.
Please read on for a full explanation of green potatoes and how to prevent your potatoes from turning green.

green potato

Can You Eat Green Potatoes?

green potato

Why Are Some Potatoes Green?

Potatoes naturally contain alkaloids (two types called solanine and chaconine, if interested). If potatoes experience unfavorable conditions, such as excessive exposure to light, they can produce increased levels of these alkaloids. Excessive exposure to light also triggers the formation of chlorophyll, which explains the green color near the skin. This green color is an indication that the level of alkaloids has increased in the potato.

Can You Eat Green Potatoes?

Green potatoes should not be eaten as they can result in digestive problems from the higher levels of alkaloids. Consuming large quantities can even result in neurological problems and potentially become life threatening, but this is rare because green potatoes taste extremely bitter. Therefore, people are turned away from eating green potatoes if not by color, then by taste.

What Should You Do With Green Potatoes?

If there is a spot of green on your potato skin or flesh, simply cut or peel that section off. But, if the green is extensive and your potato is mostly green, then it’s better to just throw the potato out. If you peel green potatoes you will greatly reduce the alkaloid levels, since they localized just below the skin… but the potato may still taste bitter. Since most people don’t eat raw potatoes, it is both better and safer to just throw away a green potato rather than ruin an entire recipe.

How Can You Keep From Getting Green Potatoes?

The tendency for potatoes to turn green varies among varieties of potatoes. To prevent green potatoes at your place, inspect potatoes at the store before purchasing – you can usually spot the green color shining through the brown skin. Once home, properly store potatoes in a cool dark place where there is good air circulation.

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