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What is Citron?

What is citron?

Citron is a semitropical fruit that is similar to a lemon, but it is a drier fruit with a much thicker rind and pulp.

The citron fruit skin looks much like a lemon in color, but the skin is generally bumpier and the […]

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What is Ultra-Filtered Milk?

What is ultra-filtered milk?
What is ultra-pasteurized milk?
Do ultra-filtered milk and ultra-pasteurized milk have longer shelf lives than regular milk?

We will explain how ultra-filtered milk and ultra-pasteurized milks are made and describe what makes each of them both unique and similar. As far as the questions “does ultra-filtered milk have a […]

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Valentines 2019

Happy Valentines Day! (almost)

Just couldn’t let the day pass without showing a few uses for the heart shaped cookie cutter. Although it’s made for cookies, this application is considered a little healthier for the actual heart.

Don’t just think desserts when thinking of Valentines Day treats. Also […]

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Using Parmesan Rind

After grating all the parmesan possible (without producing any bloody fingers) there is still a nice hunk of cheese that remains intact. Since it is nearly impossible to break up any further, many people will simply toss it in the trash! Stop the madness!

This rind, or large outside edge from the round […]

By | February 8th, 2019|Blog|

Why does Boxed Wine have an Expiration Date while Bottled Wine does Not?

Does boxed wine expire? Why do boxes of wine have expiration dates? Why does wine in a bag have a use by date or a production date and wines in a bottle never have any type of expiration date?

As you probably guessed, it is indeed the packaging.

By | February 4th, 2019|Blog|

Yogurt Choices

There are so many yogurt choices out there. What was once a tiny section in the refrigerator section of the market is now an entire isle in most supermarkets! Are they all healthy? Are they all created equal?

Let’s explore different yogurt types and their health benefits a little bit deeper.

By | January 30th, 2019|Blog|

Expired U.S. Drivers License

We’re all about getting the full usage out of things, but a drivers license expiration date is a date that should be taken seriously, at least in the United States. Do drivers licenses expire? Oh yeah! Letting a drivers license expire can be more serious than letting many other best by dates go […]

By | January 27th, 2019|Blog|

Monday’s Breakfast – “Expired” Oatmeal

Mondays, as we’ve mentioned many times before, is trash day. The weekly sweep this weekend included some of our deeper cupboards. When we do the fridge weekly, anything moldy gets tossed and anything slightly questionable gets cooked up on Mondays. The deep cupboards often go much longer than they should without being […]

By | January 22nd, 2019|Blog|

Are Canned Beans Healthy?


Are canned beans healthy?
Are dried beans better than canned?


Canned beans are just as nutritious as dried beans! Great news for those of us without the forethought to soak dried beans overnight the day before we’re ready to use them. Who thinks that far ahead?

By | January 18th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

Coconut Water vs Coconut Milk vs Coconut Cream

With so many different coconut products filling grocery shelves, many people wonder what the difference is between coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream and cream of coconut. All are popular coconut products, so let’s explore their differences and their similarities.

The Similarities between Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Coconut […]

By | January 14th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

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