How Long Do Dairy Products Last?

Dairy products... How long does milk last? How long do different cheeses last? How long does yogurt last? All these questions, and more, are answered here in the Dairy section of EatByDate.

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are nutrient-rich foods abundant in calcium, potassium, vitamins, and protein essential for human growth and development. They also happen to be extremely versatile, forming the basis for many a sauce, spread, cream, dessert, dip, and so much more. It doesn't hurt that the majority of dairy foods also taste great just as they are.

Explore all of the dairy products listed below to find out their "eat by" or expiration date, the best way to store each item and how to tell if the product is going bad or has actually gone bad. We can help with that old "toss or keep" question that pops up almost daily.

Since milk comes from all different places and in all different forms, we've got plenty of milk pages, so be sure to choose the proper one for the items you are researching. Some pages also include lots of other useful tips about the individual products. The more you know the better you are, especially when it comes to food safety.

Also note that eggs are not really a dairy product and should be placed under the protein section. We chose to place them here, under the dairy section, since they are almost always found in "your grocers dairy case" and have therefore become linked, in most minds, as a dairy product even though they are actually an animal by-product.

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