How To Eat A Pomegranate


The most efficient and quickest way to eat a pomegranate is to follow the simple steps detailed below. The interesting thing about this fruit is that the edible part is the seeds! They give you a tiny burst of refreshing flavor along with a strong dose of fiber and vitamin C.

Read on to find out how to release the beautiful pomegranate seeds from a pomegranate fruit. Check our pomegranate page to find out how long pomegranates last.

How To Eat A Pomegranate


  1. Score the outside edge of the pomegranate all the way around at it’s widest part. Do NOT slice all the way through the fruit, just insert the edge of the knife and then run it around the edge of the skin.
  2. Pull the pomegranate apart with your thumbs prying into both sides of the cut edge. Then loosen the outside edges of the open pomegranate with your hands by pulling gently on the skin with your thumbs on the inside edge. Refrain from squeezing the fruit, unless you want pomegranate juice!
  3. Grab a large wooden spoon (or other similar utensil) and, while holding it over a large bowl, slap the outside of the fruit, turning to tap each side of the fruit. As the seeds pour out into the bowl, you will need to pick out the few pieces of bitter white flesh that accidentally drop into your bowl.
  4. Look how clean you get the halves, just with this tapping… not to mention being able to take out some of your frustrations in the process (by slapping that fruit)!
  5. All of these seeds came from just one pomegranate!

Part of the Problem

Some seeds may be stubborn, so you may want to use your thumbs to actually break the halves open after the tapping to then gently use the tip of your knife to encourage every last seed into your bowl. eat pomegranate

What You Can Do

Eating Pomegranate Seeds

They are great thrown on top of frozen yogurt or regular yogurt. They go great in smoothies, cocktails, mixed in salads or rice type dishes, on top of desserts like yogurt or frozen yogurt. Sprinkle these pretty pink seeds on top of any plain fruit dish to make it look special.

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