Fresh, Frozen or Supplements?


Which is Better for You – Fresh, Frozen or Supplements? Do fresh fruits actually have more nutritional value than their frozen counterparts? Are fresh fruits always a better choice than frozen fruits? Can supplements replace my fruit and vegetable intake?


This answer may surprise you. The key to getting maximum nutritional value from fruits and veggies is making sure that they were picked from their vine, branch or ground when they were actually ripe.

Background Info


WATCH this short, yet very informative, video on Shopping Tips for Fruits and Vegetables for a full answer to the question of which is better for you – fresh, frozen or dietary supplements. This video was created by a premier health organization and stars one of their doctors. It’s got great tips to make you both an informed and healthier shopper. You’ll want to take this information with you on your next trip to the market!

Part of the Problem

Many plants are harvested early, before they are ripe, in order to allow for ripening during their long transit to your local store. So, in our global economy this becomes more of a local issue.

Farmers Markets, although sometimes pricier than grocery stores, can be a better value both taste wise, nutritionally speaking and benefit your local economy.

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