This huge container of popcorn has been taking up valuable shelf space for way too long. It was time to recycle this container but, of course, we could not waste the remaining popcorn kernels contained within. Time for a huge batch of “expired” popcorn.

We got out our largest pan and proceeded to heat some oil and dump in the kernels. With a best by date of February 15 2007 we proceeded to make this “expired” popcorn on Monday July 18 2016. We were curious to see how many of these dry kernels had enough moisture left to actually pop open after sitting for well over nine years.

Expired Popcorn

Monday's Snack

Popcorn kernels are dried and we knew that they had remained dry within the confines of this container. They were also just plain popcorn kernels, no oils had been added as with microwave popcorns. No flavors had been added either, just plain dried popcorn kernels. All good signs that we could proceed with making popcorn from these “expired” popcorn kernels. But, each “fresh” kernel does contain a drop of moisture which will steam when heated, allowing the hard outer shell to pop open from the pressure within. We were thinking that by this time, a period longer than the nine years clearly visible on the package, some of this moisture may have evaporated.

Turns out that this “expired” popcorn actually aged even better than expected. We made the first pan and almost every kernel of this “expired” popcorn popped! So, we proceeded to make several pans of popcorn that provided enough for not only Monday’s snack, but stayed on the counter to keep us snacking all week long!

Expired Popcorn

The popcorn tasted just as it normally should, the only differences in this “expired” popcorn were ever so slight. The popped corn was not quite as large and airy as fresher popcorn and not quite as bright of a white color as fresher popcorn… but, these differences were only noticeable due to very close examination.

NOTE: Don’t try this with microwave popcorn as oils contained with do go rancid. Please see the additional information section below to link to more information on all types popcorn.

Additional Information

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