Cooking Methods

There are so many different ways to cook – you know you’ve got the choice of stove, oven or microwave to cook but your recipe may mention some other more unfamiliar cooking methods in its instructions.

We found the following information graphic quite useful as a quick reference for most cooking methods used today. It shows the tools needed, the proper temperature settings and time estimates for most of the different culinary cooking terms.

Cooking Methods Chart

Cooking Methods

For More Details on Cooking Methods

For more details on some of these cooking methods you can look at older EatByDate posts for step by step instructions for each process. Listed below are links to several cooking methods which provide detailed instruction:

  • To find out how to boil water properly, check our how to boil water post.
  • To find out how to simmer, check our simmer post.
  • To find out how to blanch, check our how to blanch vegetables post.
  • To find out how to steam, check our how to steam vegetablespost.
  • To find out how to poach eggs, check our how to poach eggs post.
  • To find out how to make perfect hard boil eggs, check our how to make hard boiled eggs post.
  • To find out how to boil corn, check our how long to boil corn post.
  • To find out how to cook each different cut of beef properly, check our beef cuts post.
  • To find out how long other foods are good for, please visit the Dairy, Drinks, Fruits, Grains, Proteins, Vegetables and Other sections of Eat By Date or use the search function below.

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